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Webelos Woods, Physical Fitness, City Council Meeting, Court of Honor

10/02/2018 10:11 PM | Stephen Cullar-Ledford (Administrator)

Registration and Payment for Webelos Woods:

Below is a list of who is registered for Webelos Woods.  If you or your son are planning on attending but are not on this list then please register by logging into Wild Apricot.  Unlike Eventbrite, to register you must login with the username of the person going on the trip.  If you see your name instead of your son’s name then you should cancel your registration and register your son.  If you need assistance please contact Stephen Cullar-Ledford If all else fails just email me at so I can manually add to the list.

  1. Everett Adkins
  2. Rio Alfaro-Rodriguez
  3. Landon Bogar
  4. Joshua Brunson
  5. Phillip Brunson
  6. Blanton Bullwinkel
  7. Evan Byrd
  8. Elliott Conely
  9. Matthew Guzman
  10. Kelly James
  11. Joe Jarvis
  12. Andy Jones
  13. Chris Joseph
  14. Ethan Lagos
  15. Liam Logue
  16. Aaron Manego
  17. Amber Mollhagen
  18. Henry Neeriemer
  19. Troy Neeriemer
  20. Benjamin Negron
  21. Carson Ondo
  22. W Ondo
  23. Lyman Paden
  24. Sandy Paden
  25. Regis Penn
  26. David Porter
  27. Steven Porter
  28. Matthew Prabhu
  29. Lucas Sieler
  30. Cormac Tully
  31. Henry Tully
  32. Veer Tummala
  33. Glenn Wallin
  34. Silas White

Payment: Currently Wild Apricot cannot accept payment.  Once it is you will be invoiced $40.

Pre-Campout Wednesday night activities – 7:00 PM

As with most of our campout we want the Scouts to participate in either Grubmaster shopping (HEB on Buffalo Speedway) or Quartermaster preparation (Shed at 4400 Town Plaza).  Every patrol identified a lead for these activities but we always need assistances, especially at the shed.  This is a great way for younger scouts to apprentice.

Physical Fitness Test Part 2 and Advancement Deadline – Monday, October 8th

Mr. Nielsen will help the Scouts complete part 2 of the Tenderfoot requirement.  Next Monday is also the deadline for all advancement to be submitted for the next Court of Honor.

Bellaire City Council Meeting - Monday, October 15

  • 6:00 PM (please be there by 5:45)
  • 7008 S Rice Ave, Bellaire, TX 77401, meet outside the building
  • Wear Class A Uniform
  • Fulfills requirement for Communications OR Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge
  • For questions contact Mrs. Nielsen (

Twin Bayou Merit Badge Fair

Court of Honor – Monday, October 22nd 7:00 PM

Scouts BSA Troop 11
First Presbyterian Church Houston
5300 S Main St, Houston, TX 77004

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