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12-Days of High Adventure at Philmont 2019

  • 06/08/2019
  • 06/23/2019
  • Philmont Scout Ranch


  • This ONLY covers the Philmont registration fee. Transportation will be an additional cost.

Registration is closed

Philmont is a national High Adventure base, owned and operated by the Boy Scouts of America. It's a big place, comprising about 220 square miles of rugged mountain wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rockies in northeastern New Mexico. Thirty six staffed camps and seventy plus trail camps are operated by the ranch. Philmont has high mountains which dominate rough terrain with an elevation ranging from 6,500 to 12,441 feet. 

Philmont provides an unforgettable adventure in sky-high backpacking country along hundreds of miles of rugged, rocky trails. Program features combine the best of the old West—horseback riding, burro packing, gold panning, chuck wagon dinners, and living history, with exciting challenges for today—rock climbing, burro packing, mountain biking and .30-06 rifle shooting—in an unbeatable recipe for fast-moving fun in the outdoors.

We will have our trek selection completed soon and will provide those details as soon as they are available.

How to register

Please use this invitation to finish registering for Philmont 2015. This will provide you with final schedule details, allow us to track nights camped properly, and provides you with the Troop's disclaimers.

We are Crew 610-Y on itinerary 28.

Cost to participate

The $1,000 cost in this invitation only covers the $970 per person Philmont participation fee. The cost of transportation to get there depends on how many people sign up to go. We expect this to be $500 - $700 more.

There are ideas about fundraisers to help manage this cost but those would require strong Scout participation to be worthwhile.

Qualifications to participate

Age 14 or older, rank First Class or above, participated in at least two previous backpacking trips with the troop, and fall under the weight limit for your height:

  • 60-in tall, max weight 166
  • 61-in tall, max weight 172
  • 62-in tall, max weight 178
  • 63-in tall, max weight 183
  • 64-in tall, max weight 189
  • 65-in tall, max weight 195
  • 66-in tall, max weight 201
  • 67-in tall, max weight 207
  • 68-in tall, max weight 214
  • 69-in tall, max weight 220
  • 70-in tall, max weight 226
  • 71-in tall, max weight 233
  • 72-in tall, max weight 239
  • 73-in tall, max weight 246
  • 74-in tall, max weight 252
  • 75-in tall, max weight 260
  • 76-in tall, max weight 267
  • 77-in tall, max weight 274
  • 78-in tall, max weight 281
  • 79-in tall (or taller), max weight 295

Paperwork to be provided for each crew member

  1. Completion of this registration form
  2. BSA Medical Form, parts A, B, C, and Philmont Supplemental Form
  3. Copy of front and back of health insurance card
  4. Copy of immunization records
  5. Copies of any First Aid/CPR and Wilderness First Aid certifications

We have had good success with the Walgreens in-store clinics as a quick way to get part C completed.

Camp Experience

The Philmont 2015 Guidebook to Adventure is a small book that describes the experience and provides the camp's rules and what to expect. It contains a good personal equipment checklist and information on safety, healthy camping, and potential hazards.

Below is our trek itinerary. Read full details here.


Sunday, June 9

Drive from Houston to Amarillo
Overnight at Troop 80

(Trek Day 1) Monday, June 10

Drive from Amarillo to Philmont
Check in, orientation, overnight at base camp

(Trek Day 2) Tuesday, June 11

Pick up food
Depart camping headquarters for Chase Trailhead
Main House Tour at Chase Ranch
Ranger training
Overnight at Chase Canyon

(Trek Day 3) Wednesday, June 12

Archaeology, atlatl darts, petroglyph tour
Showers available
Overnight at Indian Writings

(Trek Day 4) Thursday, June 13

Climb Hart Peak; western lore/branding, cantina at Ponil
Pick up food at Ponil
Trail camp at Horse Canyon

(Trek Day 5) Friday, June 14

Challenge course events @ Dan Beard;
Trail camp at Beatty Lakes

(Trek Day 6) Saturday, June 15

Mountain biking
Overnight at Whiteman Vega

(Trek Day 7) Sunday, June 16

Stream restoration conservation project @ Ring Place
Folk weather forecasting
Pick up food at Ring Place
Trail Camp at Iris Park

(Trek Day 8) Monday, June 17

Homesteading, cabin tour, campfire
Overnight at Rich Cabins

(Trek Day 9) Tuesday, June 18

Continental Tie & Lumber Co., campfire @ Pueblano
Trail Camp at Pueblano Ruins

(Trek Day 10) Wednesday, June 19

Mountain man rendezvous, muzzle-loading rifle, tomahawks
Overnight at Miranda

(Trek Day 11) Thursday, June 20

Climb Baldy Mountain; mining & assaying at Baldy Town
Pick up food at Baldy Town
Overnight at Miranda

(Trek Day 12) Friday, June 21

Hike to Express Trailhead for return to camping headquarters; Awards campfire
Overnight at base camp

Saturday, June 22

Drive from Philmont to Amarillo
Overnight with Troop 80

Sunday, June 23

Drive from Amarillo to Houston

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