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Winter Camp 2019

  • 12/26/2019
  • 12:00 PM
  • 12/31/2019
  • 10:00 AM
  • Bovay Scout Ranch
  • 25


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Registration is closed

Registration extended  through December 18th! 

Winter camp is a wonderful opportunity for troops to camp and Scouts to earn merit badges. Merit badge classes are taught by Scouters with real-life experiences in the field. Winter camp will be held at Bovay Scout Ranch (3450 County 317, Navasota, TX 77868), just three miles outside of Navasota, TX. Over 60 merit badge classes are offered, including many merit badges that are not normally offered at summer camp.

Dust off your boots and grab your cowboy hat, because winter camp is heading to the Wild West.

Winter camp is a Boy Scout resident camp designed to:

  • Strengthen troops through the patrol method – Many activities and competitions are designed to encourage troops to work through the patrol method to participate in various activities throughout camp and to reinforce through week-long exercise the principles of the patrol method taught at weekly troop meetings throughout the year.
  • Provide opportunity for individual advancement – Through an extensive number of opportunities to earn merit badges, while being instructed by Scouters who work in fields related to the merit badge subject, Scouts can expect to receive an in-depth treatment of the subject matter that could lead to a better appreciation for the subject and possibly influence their future education and career decisions. In addition, through instruction in traditional Scoutcraft, newer Scouts are prepared through the rank emphasis program to return to their troop and excel in meeting and exceeding the requirements for the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks.


Camp is an outdoor experience. A Scout misses a full outdoor experience by electronic devices. Personal items such as electronic games, phones, CD players, MP3 players, etc. should not be brought to camp. Leaders will take them once Scouts come off the bus. In all cases, personal valuables (watches, wallets, money) should not be in the open at camp. It is virtually impossible to provide security for these items. It is recommended that each unit bring a lockable storage container to secure valuables while an adult is not in the campsite. All items must be permanently marked with Scout's name and troop number. No adult or Scout should ever leave any electronic device unattended while charging anywhere at camp.


Participants are expected to come to camp prepared for variable weather. Although temperatures average between 40 to 60 degrees during winter camp, temperatures have been known to dip as low as 19 degrees and rise as high as 80 degrees.

Remember: “Dress for the weather. Pack for the season.”


The three W’s. Every cold-weather camper needs to dress for the occasion. You’ll need a wicking layer (long underwear), a “warm” layer (fleece) and a “wind” layer (waterproof shell).  Scouts can use the same trunk that they use for summer camp.  Please review this link for packing list.  PLEASE CLICK ON THE PARENTS GUIDE ON THIS LINK.



  • Part A is missing immunizations or is missing dates for the immunizations. Please complete the form rather than attaching an immunization record alone. Incorporating the information into the form speeds up the process of evaluating the form itself at check-in.
  • Part B is not signed by the adult participant or by an adult or guardian (for youth). In order to be able to treat youth in camp for more than immediate life-threatening conditions, our medical staff must have signed consent of a parent or guardian of a youth as contained in Part B. Also, adults who cannot otherwise consent due to incapacity must have signed this page in order for our medical staff to provide more than stabilization treatment.
  • Part C of the form signed by a physician. The physician’s examination must have been completed since January 1st. Updated Part C’s will not be accepted, even if signed by the physician. Therefore, ensure that the physician completing Part C dates the form when signing.

Based on incomplete forms we have seen in the past, the following are the most common errors or omissions made on the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record submitted to our staff in prior years:

Please carefully review all BSA Annual Health and Medical Records prior to check-in. Give yourself ample time so that any errors or omissions may be corrected by the parents of the youth or the adult to whom the form belongs.


Scouts and adults who require medication should bring enough of the medication to last throughout camp. BSA National Camping Standards (HS-508) states the following rules apply to storage and administration of medication:

All prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications must be stored under lock (including those requiring refrigeration), except when in the controlled presence of Medical Staff or a troop’s adult leader who is responsible for administration and/or dispensing medications. Locked refrigerated storage is available in the winter camp health lodge.

An exception to the above requirements may be made for a limited amount of medication to be carried by a camper, leader, parent, or staff member for life-threatening conditions, including epinephrine injector, heart medication, and inhalers, or for a limited amount of medication approved for use in a first-aid kit. The winter camp medical staff shall advise the acting Scoutmaster as to whether a medication falls under this exception.

CPAP machines must be battery powered, as power outlets close to campsites are scarce. We will, however, do what we can to meet reasonable requests to accommodate requests timely submitted through your troop’s registration.


  • The Troop will have a Medicine Man. We will communicate who it is and how to communicate with him.  

  • Parents need to turn in medicine and schedule to medicine man ahead of time.

  • Bag with medication with name of scout and a current photo of that scout on outside of bag.

  • All prescription medication dosing forms must be filled out ahead of time.


All Scouts should adhere to the buddy system throughout camp. No Scout should ever be found wandering through camp alone. We recognize that this can be difficult if the Scout has not scheduled classes with fellow members of their troop. We encourage troops to attempt to pair Scouts in classes as much as possible. If this is not feasible, the Scout should walk with other Scouts in the class to the location of the merit badge class. Due to the number of Scouts and the short amount of time between classes, this should be a relatively simple exercise.


  1. Any adult who has direct contact with youth must complete the new online BSA Youth Protection Training course.
  2. Only troop members are able to participate in troop events. Contact Chris Bryant, Scoutmaster, about joining the troop.
  3. We request that adults who intend to camp with the troop regularly become registered Assistant Scoutmasters within their first year of involvement. This includes the following trainings:
    1. Fast-Start (online course)
    2. This Is Scouting (online course)
    3. Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS)
    4. Scoutmaster-Specific Training

Speak to any adult leader to find out more.


The trading post will be stocked with an assortment of collectible items and camp essentials.  Scouts should plan on brining $50 for spending money for Winter Camp


Feeling a little hungry in the middle of the day? Need a pick-me-up before dinner? Stop by the Snack Shack! Our friendly staff will have an assortment of snacks and drinks for you to pick from.


All menus have been reviewed by a certified dietician and are designed to provide active and healthy youth with the nutrition and calorie intake needed for low-temperature camping.

In the event anyone in your troop has special dietary needs, please ensure this information is included in the troop’s registration online registration. All information for special diets must be provided before December 1st. Specials meals are ordered before camp starts; additional special meal tickets are not available once camp has begun.


We will communicate with parents about a pre camp Parent meeting.


We have not finalized travel transportation to Winter Camp.  We will decide on Bus transport from the Church or Car and Trailer Transport from the Shed.  Either location we will assemble on December 26th at 12 noon to load up transportation.  More details will be communicated.

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